Round Nose Pliers - Red and Black, 5 inch


Ergonomic grip handle- Return spring handles make repetitive work easy. Essential tool for jewelry making. Smooth tapered cone pliers perfect for wire wrapping, making loops, eye pins, jump rings, coils.

Side Cutter Pliers - Red and Black, 4.5 inch


Ergonomic grip handle- used for cutting chains, eye pins, head pins, guitar strings, soft wire such as copper wire, aluminum wire and soft-alloy wire.

3 Mini Clear Bead Storage Containers - Clear/Transparent 1.5 inch square


Use for organizing small items, small parts, crafts, beads, coins, jewelry . Made of premium plastic, sturdy to use; designed with flip-up lids, clear for visibility of contents and organisation.

Pierre and Brumant Enterprises - Hand Tooled Leather Belt Light Tan 44 inches


Hand-tooled engraved belt strap with plenty belt holes for adjustment for maximum comfort. Classic casual leather belt strap is timeless. Made with thick leather strap for durability.

Pierre and Brumant Enterprises - Crochet Belt 44 inches


Crochet belts look more stunning than expected traditional belts. They make a big fashion statement and add a pop of colors to your dress up and beautify your waistline. So, here we are presenting a fab collection of crochet belts that will make you crazy for them.

Christi-Agro Bio Block - 500ml Spray bottle

TT40.00 TT50.00

BIO BLOCK is a 100% organic systemic neem fungicide that can treat a wide variety of fungus as well bacterial infections and plant diseases. Non-toxic, eco friendly. Neem oil can be used for certain insect and fungal disease issues. It kills insects by suffocation, covering their bodies with oil that blocks their breathing openings. It is most effective against immature insects. Mature adult insects aren’t typically killed and may continue to feed and reproduce. Thus, close monitoring of pest lifecycles is necessary for timing a neem oil application.

Evergreene Virgin Coconut Oil - Cold Press


Pure, locally made cold extracted virgin coconut oil. The number one health benefit of coconut oil is its immune boosting properties due to the abundant presence of lauric acid in it. Multi purpose, for internal and external use. Grab the perfect travel sized bottle of Evergreene Virgin Coconut Oil to keep your skin looking and feeling great on the go. Keep your skin healthy, moisturized and smooth to the touch.

Evergreene Heat Pressed Coconut Oil - 750 ml


Pure, locally made coconut oil. Multi purpose, for internal and external use. Health benefits include immune boosting properties due to the abundant presence of lauric acid.