Garden Clips (lever loop design) - Green


These garden clips are designed to support your climbing, vining plants. They also protect seedlings while they harden off, from being damaged or breaking. Good for windy areas.

Flat Nose Pliers - Red and Black, 5 inch


Ergonomic grip handle - Return spring handles make repetitive work easy. Essential tool for jewelry making. The jaw tip is rectangular - gives a stronger grip when holding small parts.

Hair Clip - Off White, 4 inch, Medium


French Design Hair Claw Clip - embellishes your hair, decorative circular pattern. Made of plastic and metal finding. Holds the hair well in place, no sliding down. perfect for when washing your face, morning beauty routine, make up, cooking.

Gold Metallic Cord - 1 yard, 0.8 mm


Cord sold by the yard-1 yard bundles available. Gift making or craft supplies. Gold cord for crafts, tie bows and gifts for a decorative finish, hanging ties etc. Cord wrapped gifts for demonstration purposes only.

Multi-compartment Storage Container - Transparent in hues of purple, clear, pink, blue, peach; 2.7 x 5 x 0.9 inch


6 detachable dividers - the dividers create grids so you can adjust the dividers to fit larger pieces. Perfect for small items, such as beads, findings, gemstones, washers, false nail tips, craft supplies, sequins, office supplies, pills, bobbins etc. Snap lock mechanism.

2 Gift Stickers - "Happy Birthday", Kraft with black text, 1.25 inch


Circular 1.25 inch diameter self-adhesive Kraft paper stickers. Great as Gift Tag Stickers, for Presents, Packaging Bags, Word Happy Birthday, mementos etc.

Wicker Rattan Balls - Magenta, 2 inch


Decorative Vase Filler balls in bright Magenta colour. Used to decorate your home to create a stunning centre piece. Great for Dinner parties, Valentine's Day, tablescapes etc. Sold individually.

Strong Stretchy Beading Elastic Thread - White, 0.8 mm, 10 metre Roll


Elastic crystal string, also called flat crystal thread - multi-strand construction, which means that multiple strands of elastic fibers are interwoven to increase its flexibility and strength.

Flush Cutter - Blue, 5 inch


Flush cutters snip the end of a thin piece of jewelry wire, leaving it even, or flush. Flush cutters have finer, sharper edges that help them avoid leaving a ridge on the wire, sometimes called a pinch.

Chain Nose Pliers, with Cutter - Red and Black, 5 inch


Multi-purpose. Versatile. A definite essential in your jewellery making tool kit. Return spring handles make repetitive work easy. The flat inner jaw gives a secure grip in flattening crimps and holding small findings.