Before completing the vendor application form, please read and understand the terms and conditions below. Feel free to ask any questions and request any further information you need from our staff.

Only when you understand and accept the terms below should you complete the form and submit it along with your first year's membership fee.

Terms and Conditions

All members of the JD Collection agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Violation of these terms may result in the suspension or termination of some or all of your membership services without refund.

These vendor conditions may be updated periodically. The vendor will be informed via email to the address provided during their registration.

Membership Fees and Benefits

The JDC Club annual subscription fee is $400. It is due every year on the date of your registration. The annual subscription fee is subject to change, with 1 month prior notice.

Current members will have access to the following services:

# Service Description
1. In-Store Retail Services
  • We stock the items at:
    **Excellent Uptown Mall**,
    Corner Park and Frederick Streets,
    Port of Spain
  • We provide a Salesperson during mall hours, Monday thru Saturday.
  • Limited stocking. Volumes greater than 1 cubic foot may incur extra cost.
2. Online Retail Services
  • Products for sale at online store.
  • We provide product photography and some copy writing.
  • We upload all the product details to the website.
  • $5 fee per product listing.
3. Fulfilment Services
  • Shipping via TTPOST.
  • Cost of packaging added to checkout price.
  • $5 handling fee per shipment.
4. Payout Services
  • Our member's customers can pay with cash, credit/debit cards.
  • Payment can be made in-store or via our online payment gateway.
  • The sales proceeds will be sent via bank transfer.
  • Vendor pays ALL Bank charges and a 3% service charge on sales.

Good Faith

You agree to operate ethically and in good faith.

Payment Methods and Remittance

Your customers can pay with cash, debit card or credit card. Your sales proceeds will be remitted via bank transfer by the 15th of the next month (estimated). A 3% service fee, will be deducted from the sales proceeds.

You, the Vendor/Member, will pay ALL related bank charges. This includes card processing and bank transfer fees.

Hours of Operation

Your products will be available for sale at: the JD Collection, Excellent Uptown Mall, Corner Park and Frederick Streets, Port of Spain. Subject to change, the hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Paid parking is available nearby from Monday to Friday. One option is TWCU Car Park on Frederick Street.

Based on traffic: street parking is available in the area and very limited "drop off only" spots are available at the street level mall entrance. Generally, easy street parking is available on Saturday.


You will be provided with one cubic foot of retail space. Your products will be shelved in their respective categories e.g. bath and body, beverages, jewellery, clothing etc.

All items are subject to review before being stocked. Our focus is on artisanal products made in Trinidad and Tobago. Imported products may be accepted on a case by case basis e.g. artisanal products made in the Caribbean or by Trinidad and Tobago nationals abroad.

All products must have price labels and branding clearly displayed. Food items require the producer to have a food badge. Perishables must state the expiry date.

A summary of each product must be provided - with emphasis on the selling points. Include marketing photos if available.

Loss and Damage

ANY loss or damage may be compensated up to a maximum of half of the annual membership fee.

In-Store Promotions (Pop-Ups)

JDC members/vendors may be allowed to conduct promotions, samplings, launches, market research and other direct customer engagements (Pop-ups) in-store. Pop-Ups can be held from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. A table, booth or display space of 4ft x 2ft and 1 chair will be provided.

Pop-Ups cost $100 per day. Subject to availability, JDC club members can book one free Pop-Up day per month. Pop-Up fees are payable in advance and non-refundable.

All related activities must be confined to the space designated for the Pop-Up. No change to the infrastructure is permitted including ceiling, walls or floors. The Vendor will bear the full responsibility and cost of ANY damage they cause. We reserve the right to charge a safety deposit of $200.

Vendor Information

Correspondence from the JDC Collection will be directed to the contact information provided during registration.


By completing the vendor registration signing below, I confirm that I have read, fully understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated above.

I understand that booking is finalised once payment is received and acknowledged by The JD Collection.

Yes, I understand payment is required to confirm space booking. By clicking "check out" and making the payment, I agree to and confirm the above vendor conditions.