KH Natural Delights Pineapple Chutney


KH Natural Delights Pineapple Chutney

Red'Oman Roucou 300 ml


Ingredients: Roucou pods, Water, Salt.

Charlo Farm Pimento Flakes


Ingredients; dehydrated pimento peppers. Benefits: 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. Our pimento flakes are dehydrated so they can stay fresh up to 2 YEARS once stored properly.

Christi-Agro Bio Block - 500ml Spray bottle

TT40.00 TT50.00

BIO BLOCK is a 100% organic systemic neem fungicide that can treat a wide variety of fungus as well bacterial infections and plant diseases. Non-toxic, eco friendly. Neem oil can be used for certain insect and fungal disease issues. It kills insects by suffocation, covering their bodies with oil that blocks their breathing openings. It is most effective against immature insects. Mature adult insects aren’t typically killed and may continue to feed and reproduce. Thus, close monitoring of pest lifecycles is necessary for timing a neem oil application.

Red 75: Sorrel Liquer


Red 75 Sorrel Liquer, 20ml mini and 350ml glass bottle. Delicious liqueurs made using fragrant spices and smooth, rich Caribbean rum.

Essentially Emi: Doterra Wild Orange 15ml


Essentially Emi Doterra Wild Orange, 15ml glass bottle.

Essentially Emi: Essentially Emi Doterra Peace Blend 10ml


Essentially Emi: Doterra Peace Blend, 10ml, roller ball glass bottle. A blend of geranium Serenity and balance. Perfect compliment for the end of the day to help you relax and get ready for a peaceful night and deep sleep. Roll on the bottom of the feet neck and wrist.

Essentially Emi Nourishing Hair Oil 60ml


Essentially Emi Nourishing Hair Oil, 60ml, made with 100% pure essential oils. A blend of rosemary, peppermint, lavender, tea tree and cedarwood in fractionated coconut oil, castor oil and argan oil. Use twice daily as part of your hair grooming routine.