the JD Collection

Trinidad and Tobago

The JD Collection offers products and services which are Made in Trinidad and Tobago. We curate a wide range of products and services to provide you, the customer, with a central location to purchase locally produced items and services from more than 20 small businesses. Our product categories include:

  • Aromatherapy – essential oils and derivatives
  • Bath and Body Care – natural bodycare, soaps, candles, body butters and oils
  • Beverages -using local produce
  • Small Batch /Specialty Foods -eg cocoa, chocolate, honey, nuts, snacks, baked goods etc
  • Sauces and Seasoning
  • Textiles creations: made from or with decorated fabric
  • Fine Art / Digital Art – original works of art in various media and digital reproductions/ prints
  • Fibre / Leather Art – crochet, leather work, woven materials
  • Home Accessories – eg ceramics, cushions, drapes, linens, kitchen items etc
  • Agri and Garden – plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables
  • Paper Craft – greeting cards, journals etc
  • Jewellry -includes beadwork, metal and precious materials,
  • Wood work – functional and sculptural items primarily of wood

and others misc items.

We are centrally located upstairs Excellent Uptown Mall on the corner of Park and Frederick Streets, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. You can buy using cash, Linx or Credit Card.

If you have queries or other feedback please feel free to contact us via email (, phone (305-9453) or in-person at the store.

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Do you Make your products in T&T? Sign up as a vendor. The JDC Club can offer a distribution space to sell your product or service in our store, please contact us.

the JD Collection


Our products are sourced from a wide selection of vendors across Trinidad and Tobago.