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We pair our popular Maverick Car Storage with the Device Holder for this combo which is essential for any car owner.

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Safety and stylish storage are an excellent combo. We pair our Maverick Car Storage bag with The Device Holder for an essential addition to your car's interior. Great as gifts! Too cute and functional to pass up. This is so functional and practical -anyone with a car will appreciate the Car Essential Combo. You will wonder how you ever lived without them.

The Device holder will bring a neat and sleek look to your car yet be efficient and practical. You need to place your phone within easy reach but also somewhere not obtrusive – this holder allows you to accomplish both of those feats. Very minimalist and clean looking. Super small and convenient. Safely have your phone within reach and highly visible yet not obscure your view of the road!

You can try to keep your vehicle neat and organized but sometimes you need to carry stuff. The Maverick is an essential car accessory, great for a long trip or car rides with your friends, family and little children. From now on, no more nightmare road trips that leave your car upholstery with stains, junk, and unwanted mess. The Maverick is an easy solution to avoid all the litter and the clutter in your vehicle. Fantastic additional storage space for drinks, water bottles, toys, and other stuff scattered around your vehicle.

How to install the Device Holder in your car

  • Select a smooth, flat surface on your console. Will not likely stick to porous, leather, curved or uneven surfaces. The neck of the display unit is short so choose a spot that will allow you to angle the phone to a visible degree.

  • Wipe the area with some rubbing alcohol and leave to completely dry.

  • Using the adhesive pad, peel off the protective film and stick to the bottom of the device holder. Important: Please don't touch the adhesive with your fingers. Oils on your fingers will diminish the effectiveness of the adhesive.

  • Put the device holder on your dash board in your selected area

  • Press the device holder firmly on the target spot and hold for 15-20seconds for a proper adhesion

  • Please wait 24 hours before putting your phone on the device holder.

Note: the adhesive mounting pad can only be used once. Use a good quality double sided adhesive if you need to move the holder from your initial position.

Warning: as with all magnets, keep the magnet away from credit cards, pacemakers, and magnet-sensitive devices.

Placement and Usage of the Maverick :

  • to store sundry items in one place instead of all over your car seats.

Designed with a swivel hook strap that lets you hang your Maverick Car Storage Bag in the front on the gear shifter with the bag on the passenger side so you can easily reach it while driving.

Hang from the headrest, giving you the freedom to place stuff nearer to where you can reach it instead of the back seat. Placement on the headrest also means it is in reach of your children. Place one on each headrest, so each child can have their own bag, with “their” stuff....for a peaceful drive time.

  • To stash trash like receipts, bills, tissue, wrappers, bottles, cups etc.

Stash Trash: we spend alot of time in our cars and sometimes we gotta eat, so bringing snacks, take-out or eating in the car can happen, but what do we do with those wrappers, napkins, receipts etc? If you want, you can place a plastic bag inside to keep the bag clean or you can simply wipe with soap and water.

Note: ABSOLUTELY FREE DELIVERY (with purchases of TT$75.00 and over); via TTPOST or collection at selected areas: Trincity Mall, Grand Bazaar, Price Plaza -Chaguanas, JTA Mall -Couva, C3-San Fernando, West Mall / LCM Malll. Day and time to be agreed upon. Enter your preferred pickup zone in the special instructions.

Delivery: Estimated delivery time 3-5 working days

Payment options: Credit Card / Online Bank Transfer

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