Double Swirl Wire wrap

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(R10) Elegant wire wrapped ring with double swirl. Simple beautiful wire design, without beads. Wire wrapping is gorgeous and everyone should own a piece in this ancient artform.

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The history of wire wrapped jewellery can be dated way back to 1446 BC. Researchers have found elements of wire jewellery in ancient pharaohs' tombs and pyramids in Egypt.

Connect with this ancient art form with this wire wrapped gem, without actual gem beads. The Double Swirl wire wrap ring is light and fun but still whispers elegance.  The beautiful silver wire shines rather nicely but is not too showy. Sometimes you just want something pretty without screaming “look at me”. But you know what this one whispers…look at me.

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Bead: none

Ring Band: 18 gauge silver plated with a clear coating to prevent tarnishing

Size: 8 US size

This ring is NOT adjustable so please be sure of your size before ordering.

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Caring for your Rings

Though handmade jewellery can be delicate, a few extra precautions means you’ll be wearing it for years. Gemstones are natural and therefore can be vulnerable to absorbing dirt and to chipping. Proper care, storing and cleaning will prolong their life and beauty.

Rings, no matter the gemstone or type of precious metal, will show age with daily wear. As we go about our day-to-day lives, our rings will inevitably collect scratches, marks, and a myriad of build-up from lotions, dirt, makeup, etc. You want to make sure that your jewellery stays looking like the first day you got it, and last for many years to come.

Here are some quick tips for caring for your jewellery:

Put jewellery on after applying makeup, perfumes and lotions.

Remove jewellery when gardening, cleaning, exercising and other common or strenuous tasks.

Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals like chlorine found in pools; tap water and salt water as in sea water or sweat.

Wipe your jewellery pieces with a jewellery polishing cloth after each use and before putting away.

Store jewellery in a cool, dark place and use cloth or plastic pouches to protect from moisture and scratches.

Check blog post Caring for your Jewellery Creations for more tips and guidance on caring for all your jewellery.

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