• Kaftan Tops
    We launched our line of Kaftan Tops. These tops present an exotic effect to any outfit. Cool, stylish and easy to wear while flattering to your curves. These are made from tie-dye, hand-painted or batik fabrics.
  • Car Accessories
    You spend a lot of time in your car, make it the best with the Maverick Car Storage Bag. The first in our Car Accessories series. Look out for more exciting and practical car accessories to make your drive more organised.
  • Shopper Popper
    These stylish but practical shopping totes are perfect when out and about. They fold into their own easy to stash pouch. The Shopper Popper can be popped into your handbag or glove box for easy access.
  • 2020 and Beyond
    2019 has been a year of expanding our product offering and exploring more facets of our creativity. We introduced more materials eg fabrics, leather and more wood. 2020 will be a year of discovering balance in our collections.
  • Just Dulce for Men
    The JD Collection expanded its jewellery line into body wear for men. These pieces will be in leather, wood, stainless steel and silver to appeal to gents who like a minimalist look. I am sure the ladies will love it too-no borrowing now.
  • Art on Ah TEE
    The JD Collection launched its “Art on ah Tee” line in December 2019. These T Shirts showcase local symbols and concepts. This particular one highlights the Port of Spain skyline, at night.
  • Bottle Tote and Basket
    These bottle totes are the perfect complement to a bottle gift or token eg Local Wines & liquers. The tote is the perfect water bottle carrier post gift enjoyment.
  • On Line store Payments
    You can shop the JD Collection any time, our on-line store is ALWAYS open!
    Shop for artisan jewellery at https://thejdc.club
    See our variety of on-line store payment options.
  • Vanilla Blue (Special Order)
    Our of our fav clients ordered this after seeing another piece using these blue beads. She asked for an earring and bracelet piece using the beads but with white or silver accents. Our clients have really good taste and know their style.
  • POP Up 2019
    The JD Collection and "Handmade Jewelry by Tracy and Ann Marie" held our first POP Up shop for 2019 on Saturday 16th in D'Abadie. The event had lots of nice vibes, jewellery, snacks and drinks. Next event in March at Hyatt.
  • Rings and Earring Set
    Matching set of rings and dangling earrings from the JD Collection
  • Black Olives Set (Special Order)
    Instructions provided: "something green". This set is made with drawbench painted glass beads which are really beautiful but delicate. It took some time for inspiration to come for this piece but I think the beads like how they turned out.
  • Blue Cat's Eye Set (Special Order)
    Our very first customer, when we launched in September 2018, ordered this piece to match her beloved earrings. Oooh but what's inside the black gift box..well if your purchase was a gift, we offered free gift boxes for 2018 Christmas orders.
  • Leather and Copper collection
    the JD Collection is pleased to showcase one of the pieces from our leather and copper collection. We love how these 2 materials complement each other and will be experimenting with leather and other metals. You can also place orders.
  • Ring Ah Ling ling
    Check out our new, hand made, wooden, ring display. Historically, rings have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, known as "seal ring" they served a functional purpose of authenticating documents.
  • Coppered , Tiger's eye (special order)
    Client supplied this beautiful tiger's eye nugget.The shape and colour of tiger's eye lends beautifully to the warmth and tones of copper wire. Design inspired by the Egyptian scarab, which symbolises development and growth.
  • Blue Howlite Pendant (special order)
    This blue howlite pendant is square shaped and looked like a box which inspired that it be wrapped like a present with a bow. A stone of healing; promotes calmness,allowing for the opening of mind to opportunities.
  • Jade Copper Wrapped Pendant
    Special Order: Jade Nugget wrapped in copper wire with leather cord necklace (30inches long) hangs mid chest. Jade, one of the most important stones in Fung Shui and symbolises purity, harmony and balance.
  • Trinidad quartz
    Special Order: the client found this quartz crystal while on a hike in Trinidad. The client wanted a design that was natural and organic just like the found stone. The pendant is presented on a leather cord.
  • Earrings
    Selection of earrings on display at our buyer's market.
  • Display Rack
    Assortment of jewellery on our hand-made product showcase.
  • Rings and Earrings
    Assorted artisan rings and earrings from the JD Collection.
  • Rings
    An assortment of rings from the JD Collection jewellery showcase.
  • Bracelets and Earrings
    Assorted bracelets and earrings from the JD Collection.
  • Bracelets and Earrings
    Two (2) sets of matching bracelets and earrings from the JD Collection.
  • Jewellery Display Rack
    A selection of fine artisan jewellery from the JD Collection on a hand-made display rack.